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Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Man was mistakenly shot by a police man during serious fight at Opay Office in Akwa Ibom

According to the eye witness:
There is something really WRONG with the Management of OPay
The Chinese and The Nigerians that work with them.

Watch video below:

The Last time I was in the office
I drew the attention of All to these facts:

1. That OPay is an I.T. Company that does most transactions online and should pay Promoters in their wallets and NOT by Cash

2. And in case they need to motivate other promoters by showing how much their top performers are earning they should do so with few and not all.

3. That having promoters to line up on queues to collect cash inside the sun or rain is a reminisce of the colonial/slavery days gone by or a reenactment of industrial age.

4. That the man hours lost by both parties - promoters and the company to such archaic method of renumeration is huge and avoidable, time that should be spent by promoters in the field getting more users and riders to the system are wasted on the queue to collect sums that aren't up to $10 by the 80% of the promoters. Many spent such hours only to be told their is no longer cash to make the payments!

5. And concerning the gory incident at the makeshift office OPay is using opposite Uranus Hotel at Aka Itiam Extension by 2-Lane, I remembered ending my contribution by reminding them sometimes last week that they should remember that most officers of the Nigerian Police do not know his to handle an agitated crowd. Imagine that the only tools you see the two officers on duty their having on them are AK47 and a service pistol, in a situation that daily depicts rowdiness where teargas would have been sufficient!šŸ˜”

In all I blame the people, the promoters (marketers) who do not know what is the best for them or how to demand for it.
I blame my fellow countrymen the Nigerians who are the management staff with these Chinese. They are the ones that saw the obvious but turned a blind eye. Despite several pleas made by many of  us to make  them see reason the company should change its method⁩

What about the State and local government who has not done anything to ensure that OPay as a compaby complies with global best practices in every if their activities in the state/city!
OPay is using their current location as a temporary place where they can vanish in 30 Minutes if there is a need to, it is NOT an office as far as I am concerned. They are using an uncompleted building, having only plastic tables and chairs as the only furniture, all other items in that space are moveables.

Citizens saw all these and have not drawn the attention of their leaders to it, even when the state house of assembly complex is less than two minutes drive from that location. It is our usual ways of not have rules and regulations guiding whatever we do as a society.

I call out to the relevant authorities to do their bit in making the Company pay for her role in mismanaging the situation that led to a citizen being shot in the leg by an officer of the Nigerian Police needlessly again, and have the officer involved face the full wrath of the law too for dereliction of duty.


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