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Thursday, January 30, 2020

Help needed: Does My Husband Suspect Me

Good day skulblog, pls I need your urgent advice on my present predicament. It is going to be a long read so pls be patient with me.
Been married for 11 years now and it was love at the beginning. My husband has been loving and caring but after some years the romance began to dwindle and the love I had for my husband began to drop. I complained to him but he came up with the excuses that he had so much in mind especially catering for the family. It continued that way till my love tank for him became empty so to speak. December last year something happened, my husband came to me in the night asking for my forgiveness for not showing me the much desired attention and care that I deserved that we should let the past slide to begin afresh, then we started dating again, taking me out and the joy and happiness that once eluded me was restored. He however, kept tabs on my conversation and chats with a childhood male friend without my knowledge and what he deduced is we still have feelings for each other and our chats was full of regrets for not marrying each other and we called each other first love. He confronted me with his findings which I initially denied till he brought facts. I never had intimacy with this said guy which my husband knows being that my husband is the one that deflowered me. We ironed it out and settled the issue. My husband expected me to end whatever it was with the guy though he didn't say so directly. My chats and calls with this guy continued without my husbands knowledge, until last night when my husband asked me what I have with this guy, I told him nothing. He said I should choose between him and the guy. I should severe/cut all ties with this guy if I choose to be with him, so I asked why, he said no arguments that I should do what he asked me to do. After much talk, I discovered he saw my chats with the guy (the one I forgot to delete). I got angry at him for monitoring me and told him in annoyance to take his phone (he bought it for me) and give me the sim, which he quietly did but refused to give me the sims. I dragged with him but he overpowered me, I also tried to seize his phone but failed he even threatened to vacate the house for me at that ungodly hour if I continue with my madness. After a while, I apologized to him, he accepted the apology but refused to give me the phone. I am using my laptop to send this. How do I handle the situation for peace to reign. I don't know what he feels about me now. Sorry for the long write up. NB I told him in annoyance that he is monitoring my chats because he bought the phone for me that I'll buy mine and he said not in his house that I shouldn't dare


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