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Monday, February 3, 2020

Breaking New: Chioma Exposed Davido's wealth Secret

This is very scary indeed, It took me courage to post this for you to read.
David Adeleke, a popular Nigeria artiste is well known as the richest or second richest musician in Nigeria, people have been saying that his father is a very rich man and that's why he is so rich ; but his secret was revealed by his wife ( Chioma) On the 2nd of feb. 2020 at exactly 1:45pm.

She said that there's a room in DAVIDO'S house that even his father or siblings are not allowed to enter, only Davido goes in there every Saturday morning and nobody knows what he goes there to do.

So on that fateful Saturday God wanted to catch him so while he was in the room, he forgot to lock himself as usual then his girlfriend heard a strange sound coming from the room and she was tempted to go in and see what was happening, as soon as she opened the door she was surprised and afraid to see that Davido was miming some old songs and writing the lyrics down on a sheet of paper... as if that was the end then she moved in further just to be sure, low and behold... to be continued.
What did you learn from this story?


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