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Sunday, February 23, 2020

Please Help: Am A Virgin But Am Addicted To Anything Near P0rn

I can't really explain why but though am a virgin, i love anything that has sexual content.

it began when i was in junior secondary school where my friends brought their phones to school and we'll gather together watching high rated porn. At first it looked strange especially when i noticed that my dick usually bcums hard anytym i watch it. But i soon became addicted to it that i do steal my dad's phone jst to satisfy my urge.

i soon temporarily stopped watching porn, became churchy, but the after-effect was still there, i became addicted to anything boobs.
Well, that was no problem till i touched the boob of a close lady-friend after she dared me and since that day, i had this feeling to touch her more and explore her body though right now am still a virgin... She's kinda cheap though and am sure she'll agree if i ask.

please, should i go on with her or back off cos i feel lyk i shud go 4 it since she'll agree, she's really hot nd i think she loved it that day.


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