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Sunday, March 8, 2020

I had opened a little too many doors , in the name of a career , just to find where it all makes sense for me - Beatitude Umoh

The story of how I literally stopped opening doors to figuratively making one, is sheer serendipity.
I gleefully will decide , telling friends and family who cared to listen that I had finally figured it out, but no sooner had I opened the door and walked down a few steps before this overwhelming feeling of discontentment take place.
If I was asked to make mention of the options in my career choice , woodwork would never ever had been on the radar for me.
I mean, me and my almost perfectly drawn eyebrow
My sometimes fully manicured nails
And my agenda of becoming a computer engineering guru( PS. my programs never ran , visual basic and Python class sounded like Latin , assembly language is the most torturous class I ever sat through) .

This is my second year in woodwork
And this where have exude the most gravitas since I became aware of myself.
I still get thrilled when ugly and rough pieces of wood leave the workshop shiny and beautiful , to think I was part of the process gives me joy to no end.
In world where human life is fleeting ,to know I have created something that might outlive me is exhilarating.
This job is grit and dirt
It's is pride and a paycheck
This is me on my own terms
In a context where glass ceilings and boardroom wrangles are irrelevant .
To friends who have recommended me for a job , given me a platform to create something for them . Thank you so much
To women who kept cheering me on
Edidiong Joshua
Ability Umoh , Mimi Rafford
You have all got something rarer than beauty
You have got good heart.
To a good man Ntefon Moses Akpan whose work space was where I cut my teeth on woodwork at no charge at all, All I came with was enthusiasm and curiosity.
Thanks you very much.
Happy international Women's day!


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