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Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Married Women Should Stop Fighting Side Chicks - With Reasons

Do you know many married women don’t suck their husband’s penis let alone stay on top and ride his d*ck?You don’t kiss him passionately because sometimes you forget to brush your teeth.you don’t suck his breast,you don’t admire your husband,you don't seduce him.you don’t massage your husband,nothing.you don’t even know your husband’s soft spots and mumu bottons,you don’t give him peace,you don’t pamper him and buy him gifs,you don't send romantic text messages except messages telling him to buy you 400 naira fufu and roasted corn on his way back from work. you don’t wash his undies,you don’t fast and pray for your husband’s welfare,you don’t keep yourself clean as a woman,you don’t ask him how his day was,discuss intelligently with him, proffer intelligent solutions,be his best friend, you always looking unattractive both at home and outside,always tying wrapper like one great grandmother and wearing Adieu Mama faded Shirt, no sexy wears, nothing, you don’t initiate sex,you don’t desire your husband,you always challenge your husband,challenge his authorities especially in public thereby deflating his ego as the man and you call yourself a married woman???Madam,you’re just deceiving yourself in that marriage.
Wait until another woman gives him what you are not giving him at home,you think it ends at giving birth to children for him?Men are babies no matter how old they become,the older they become,the more babies they grow into.
Take care of your man and stop fighting sidechicks up and down or how many sidechicks will you beat????


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