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Saturday, March 28, 2020

Read Still The End And Share - CLICK HERE TO WATCH VIDEO

A baby girl was born in Uruguay hospital with their hands closed like a praying person clinging. Dr and her parents agreed to operate the baby's hand for normal, successful surgery. What a shock when seen in the palm of the hand written the phrase "GOD IS COMING BACK" (GOD is coming back soon). God sent a short message through the baby and the baby mission was completed, 3 hours later the baby died. All the doctors and people there are grieving & when there was a massive repentance in Uruguay... Lord of the Lord is coming back. Please send to everyone you know, this is important! (Story 2) There was once a young girl who decided to take a shortcut home from school. The fastest way to his house is to cut through a hallway. As the girl approached the hallway, she looked at a man as if she was waiting for someone. The girl said a prayer: " Dear God, please lead me through a safe & unharmed hallway.. * Aamiin *..". The girl walked through the hallway & passed that person. Later that night the girl saw the news. He was shocked when hearing in the hallway this afternoon passed by murder & rape against another young girl. Police say the man said seeing another girl had passed the alley 10 minutes earlier. They asked why he didn't attack the first girl, He said there was a ' someone ' walking beside him... Yes, His Will walks with the girl, protecting & guiding her. Thank you dear God. We were denying His Will. but God is always here, beside you as you pray for protection of Him.. Remember, 95 % of the people reading this will close. Only 5 % will send this message and not ashamed to admit that God is always there. I ask all friends should share this article to all friends who haven't read. God Bless You. (Revelation Article 1-> 22 Verse 1-> Done) Read the Book of Revelation In The Bible Starting From Article 1 Until Article 22 Starting From Verse 1 Until The End of GBU.


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