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Thursday, April 9, 2020

Please Help: My 12 Years Son Is In Love with 24 Years Old Girl

When I was 12 I met a great girl who was 24. She was all about going out and having fun, she didn't have a job, car, or any real responsibilities. She was also insanely beautiful. I had just graduated from high school, gone to my military training, was working 2 jobs and spending a weekend a month with the Army Reserve. We'd spend spend a lot of time together and she'd keep me out a lot. There would be the comment about our ages from her friends saying I was too young for her.  But, my dad probably saw it best, "She's not going to want you to leave. You put off college to do something better. She put off college because she wants to stay here."

I brushed it off until finally I got the green light from my unit that I could switch over to active duty. I gave her the news and talked over the options. She could come to California with me, we could break up, we could still be friends, etc. Her reaction was volatile to say the least. As she was screaming, I started thinking of all the nights I spent with her. The times she insisted I drink more, stay out late when I had work the next day, and I realized the problem with us wasn't the age difference it was the fact that she was stagnant and comfortable where she was, and I was ready to further my life. So I left when she stopped talking. Last I hear she got married last summer.

Then in California when I was 19 I met another woman who was 29. Suprisingly I didn't find much difference and how it all went down just a lot faster because of my language course. She didn't like my schedule she'd try and keep me up later than I should, distracted me a lot, and like the other gentleman's girlfriend she would just constantly shoot me down over my age. Which begs the question, why would you date someone if you didn't respect their opinions or understanding of things?

When I was at an event my friend's wife got drunk and after hearing I had broken up with my 29 year old girlfriend came to tell me about my mommy complex that comes from me growing up with a single disabled mother. I started considering it, but I was never really attached to my mother (she's one of the reasons I left home) so that theory was thrown out. With more thought it seems that women, possibly, people in general will find someone younger that they see a lot of security in, and they feel like they can direct them into the direction they want. Kind of like investing in a business but instead of putting in money you get them drunk and hide the condoms.


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